CUTI LDN understands the importance of the perfect fit- achieved simply and effortlessly.
Our dedication is to provide you with a bespoke piece that fits the shape of your body and provides you with an assurance for a garment that is tailored specifically for you.

All our pieces are Made-to-Order and are carefully cut for your unique shape, based on the initial measurements taken by you.

Model: Photo: David PD Hyde Mua:  

Photo: David PD Hyde


In order to achieve an accurate fit, we encourage you to take personal measurements of your body based on the following criterias:

  • Bust

Measure across bust (at fullest point) from outside lines of your bust. This is the point where the width of the fabric would sit on your bust.

  • Ribcage|Underbust

Measure all the way around the upper back and around the line directly below your breast (where the bra wing sits), please include your cup size- if you unsure, follow the simple instructions by ‘5. Cup’ section to calculate it.

  • Waist

Measure around the narrowest area between the bust and the navel.

  • Hips

Measure around the hips at widest point.

  • Cup

To calculate an accurate cup size, the bust must be measured first (preferably in inches) and the underbust afterwards. Work out the difference, for example: 
Bust- 34”
Ribcage\Underbust- 30”
Difference: (Bust) 34”-(RC) 30”= 4” (34B)
Therefore, difference in cup sizes as follows:
1”= A
2”= B
3”= C
4”= D
Please note that the measurements above are only guideline, most of our garments offer a flexible fit.  Garments such as cradle bras fit a range of cup sizes whilst soft cup bras have a flexible fit that can accommodate a range of bra sizes.  


*Depending on the complexity of the Goods you purchased as well as the specific requirements you may have added.  

-1-2 working days for: neck pieces, knickers, thongs, bras, single items  
-1-3 working days for: sets (bra+knicker), suspenders if specific requirement applies  
-1-5 working day (maximum lead time for production) for body sets and full sets  
-3-5 working days: for customized pieces from 'Premium Swarovski® Crystal' range (duo to shipping time) 

We are lovingly making your product as quick as possible and will try to have the item reach you within 7 working days, however if there are other orders ahead of you, you may hang on just a little longer.

I contact you if there are changes occuring and we work it out!

Still unsure?

Sometimes it gets a little difficult to choose the right fit, mainly when you do gift purchase for your loved one. No worries, get in touch us and we will be happy to help with all your enquiries.
Tel: +44 (0)7716593515 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (GMT) or e-mail We will do our best to meet your expectations.