CUTI LDN is dedicated to use the best quality fabrics and trims, featuring French Chantilly lace, Italian silks and Swarovski elements. All garments made of these precious materials deserves to be treated with love and care, their maintenance requires particular care when washing.


-Hand wash in cool water
-Use soap or mild washing detergent
-Wash dark and light colored fabrics separately


-Hang or lay flat to dry in shade
-Do not dry in direct sunlight
-Do not bleach



Silk is very delicate & extremely sensitive to detergents so be sure to use a mild soap or something made exclusively for silk. Let the lingerie sit in warm (not hot) water for about five minutes, then rinse in cool water. Lay out a thick towel, place the lingerie on it and let it dry flat. 
Since silk is so fragile here are some additional tips:
*Do not EVER wring the water out of silk! 
*Avoid scrubbing silk! 
*Avoid the spot cleaning of silk, clean the entire garment! 
*Avoid spraying perfume on silk! 


Your beautiful newly owned lingerie must receive just as high care as it was made with. Please follow the instruction guide of correct lingerie cleaning. 
*Please note, no refunds or exchanges will be given on items that haven’t been cared for the correct way.